Camtech Diagnostics offers personalised DNA testing products for human health. Consumer DNA testing has revolutionized the way that we as individuals understand our genetic heritage and health risks, but it now goes beyond genetics alone. In addition to personal genomic testing, consumers can delve deeper into their well-being with skin and gut microbiome analysis.

Personalized DNA Testing

The Camtech Ideal Health DNA kit analyzes several traits from one’s genome to give a baseline for genetic predispositions. The 56 traits, which are being analyzed, cover genetic risks related to fitness, nutrition, skin and aging. The provided report offers personalized suggestions for diet and lifestyle to keep healthier and fit. Users just need to submit a saliva sample by mail using the kit Camtech provides. The test is available through the Camtech Health platform and selected partners.


Skin microbiome test

We are developing a novel skin microbiome testing platform using self sampling of skin to gain insights into one’s skin conditions and allowing targeted treatment and therapeutics. The bacterial composition of samples taken from the face and arm are analyzed using our unique analysis algorithms and genomic testing platform. This provides an early signal before more serious skin conditions develop. For individuals with skin conditions like acne, eczema, or rosacea, our skin microbiome test can reveal specific imbalances or bacteria associated with these conditions. We can apply this knowledge to targeted treatments or interventions to improve skin health. The test is available in 2024.

Gut microbiome tests

Research has linked the gut microbiome to various health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and mental health disorders. Our microbiome profile can provide insights into risk factors for these conditions, allowing for early intervention and preventive measures. The Camtech Goodbiome test can thus provide recommendations for optimizing our gut microbiota based on our microbiome profile, The test will be available through the Camtech Health platform.