Camthrax Biothreat Detector

Know what you are dealing with and know now. Detect down to 3,000 Bacillus spores (e.g. Anthrax, Thuringiensis, Tetanus, Clostridium) from hoax substances such as flour, baking powder, talcum powder or dust in 99% of scenarios.


Because the frontline can be rough
Camthrax is battery powered, lightweight and fully integrated in one small handheld unit, so you can take it where it needs to go. A glove and chemical-suit friendly design means you can concentrate on the task at hand.
Forget wet chemistry
Camthrax’s optical technology eliminates complicated sample preparation. No mixing or glove-unfriendly preparations.
Clear multiple targets with ease
The device’s push-button simplicity and instant reusability mean you can rapidly move through sites and clear multiple targets, minimizing costly lockdown times and your time on site.
Camthrax Handheld Detector
Watch the demonstration of the Camthrax Bacillus spore detector with an easy to use, one click detection platform from Camtech Diagnostics.