We Offer a Wide-Range of Products

Camtech's products cover the healthcare, agriculture and security industries with matching products for the current demands. We are focusing on point-of-care technologies to enhance the testing capabilities for our partners.

Clinical Diagnostics ›
  • Rapid test kits for infectious diseases
  • Rapid test kits for hormones
  • Rapid test kits for cardiac markers and inflammation
  • COVID-19 Gold Colloidal Rapid Antigen Test Kit
Food Safety ›
  • 3-MCPDE & GE Rapid test kit
  • Mycotoxin test kits
  • BluLine Portable Fecal Detector
  • Qualitative Rapid Test Kits
  • ELISA Test Kits
Biodefense ›
  • Camthrax Biothreat Detector
We offer testing solutions…›
  • Personalized DNA Testing
  • Skin microbiome test
  • Gut microbiome tests

Latest News

PR Newswire
Unlocking the Power of Genetics: Camtech Unveils DNA Self-Test Kits for Holistic Wellness
Camtech Diagnostics announced the launch of its Ideal Health DNA Test. This powerful genetic testing kit empowers individuals to understand their genetic predispositions better to pave the way for proactive steps towards preventive care and personalised health management.
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Yahoo Finance
Congenica and Camtech Diagnostics agree strategic partnership to support genomic analysis platform expansion in Asia
Under the partnership agreement Camtech will be responsible for the marketing, distribution and sales of Congenica’s clinical decision support platform in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.
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Singapore’s Camtech, JN Medsys to increase production of COVID-19 test kits
JN Medsys has obtained approval for their PCR Kit from the FDA of the Philippines, and is in the process of obtaining approval from the US FDA.
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