A Leader in Diagnostics Technologies

Point-of-care testing through innovative technologies

We are using a range of technologies to transform healthcare diagnostics through point of care testing with low cost rapid and portable tests. Our innovation and technology cover a few areas - Microfluidics - Lateral flow assay - Optical biosensors

Combined with scalable and cost effective manufacturing precision techniques, these allow us to customize detection for various end clinical targets in affordable, reliable real world diagnostics.


Microfluidics makes it possible to design systems in which low volumes of fluids are processed to achieve multiplexing, automation, and high-throughput screening. Volumes are small, typically in the μL, nL, pL range. The flow direction can be determined by on-chip fluid control or the use of microvalves. Therefore, many processes, normally carried out in a lab, can be miniaturised on a single chip in order to achieve automation and reduction in labour and reagent costs.

Our patented approach to cell concentration is currently being developed into a rapid concentration and detection platform for determining the level of immunity within individuals. We are also developing a range of novel sensor methods for rapid, sensitive and robust detection in combination with our microfluidic cell concentration techniques.

We are applying microfluidics to automate PCR sample to answer testing, as well as bringing next generation molecular diagnostic approaches like CRISPR into handheld rapid test systems.

Lateral flow assay

Lateral flow assays are the most cost-effective and user-friendly point of need diagnostic tests that are able to detect a certain target analyte in a sample within a matter of minutes. It has diverse proven applications in food and feed, clinical and healthcare, veterinary, biodefense, agriculture and environmental diagnostics.

Camtech has a wealth of expertise in the customised design and development of reliable and rapid diagnostic tests using our state of the art lateral flow assay technology with various sensing modalities. Combined with our colorimetric quantitative reader system, we have designed, developed, manufactured and deployed lateral flow assay tests for various applications including food safety and agriculture testing, veterinary and healthcare diagnostics.

Optical biosensors

Combining innovative optical biosensing with Camtech's lateral flow assay and microfluidic technologies, we are creating multiplexed next generation tests for rapid detection of multiple infectious disease targets, as well as measuring blood biomarkers. Within various sample mediums of blood, saliva and urine, and moving into the arena of wearable health devices, our platforms allow us to develop fast, reliable detection to address the demands of healthcare testing.