itemit – the simple asset management software that makes keeping track of critical business assets and home inventory easy!

Simple Asset Management System

itemit is designed to be a convenient and affordable replacement for managing assets in Excel that allows users to reap the benefits of decentralised and collaborative asset management. The itemit app is free to download and allows users to track the last-known whereabouts of their assets by using QR and RFID asset tags. Teams can see at a glance where their items were last, who had them and when.

itemit offers all of the functionality and features you would expect from a modern day mobile application such as, adding photos, attachments and comments, viewing items on a map and fully-backed up, cloud-based data storage as standard.


itemit isn’t just for businesses, it is ideal for anyone that wants to track and manage any number of items. Currently being used to help families move house and to organise the garages and attics of the busy homeowner, the itemit app offers a simple, free solution for keeping track of household items and records.


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