Diagnostic development

Development of Lateral Flow Assay

lfasing Lateral flow assay is a cost-effective and user-friendly point of need diagnostic test to detect a certain target analyte in a sample within a matter of minutes. It has diverse applications in food and feed, clinical and healthcare, veterinary, biodefense, agriculture and environmental diagnostics. One of the most well known applications of lateral flow assay is a pregnancy test.

Camtech has a wealth of expertise in the design and development of rapid lateral flow assay and reader system. We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals with state of the art lateral flow assay technology at our fingertips.  We have many years of experience through completed and on-going projects on design and development of lateral flow assay for different markets including food, agriculture, veterinary and healthcare.

We offer a one-stop solution from development to manufacturing of lateral flow assay. We provide a step-by-step approach from proof of concept, proof of value, optimisation and characterization, manufacturing and validation of the lateral flow assay product. In development phase, we offer expertise and service from sample preparation, nanoparticle technology, bioconjugation technique, raw material selection, design of test strip, antibody/antigen assay optimisation, and reader solution. Our development service is personalised and tailored to suit customer’s needs.


Lateral Flow Assay Manufacturing

At Camtech, we offer a manufacturing service that aims to produce lateral flow assay product at highest quality in cost and time-effective way. After development phase, we offer a flexible manufacturing service either pilot scale manufacturing or routine production from small, medium, to large scale. We are able to offer manufacturing for both qualitative and quantitative lateral flow assay product as well as study the stability and shelf life of the product. Our manufacturing service extends to foil packaging of individual test and final product packaging.