Clinical Diagnostics

Camtech’s technology is built on our core capabilities in lab-on-chip devices and biosensing, which we combine with a passion to design, develop and commercialise innovative diagnostic solutions for various applications.

We carry out R&D and fabrication of novel biosensors, which can be used within handheld diagnostic solutions or integrated within disposable microfluidic devices. We have the capacity to prototype, fabricate and manufacture polymer-based microfluidic devices for biological applications.

Camtech Diagnostics has an IP portfolio consisting of patents related to microfluidic based sensing as well as optical biosensors.
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Optical Sensor

cropped-reader-n-chip-1.jpgAt Camtech Diagnostics we offer microfluidic sensing based on colorimetric, wireless, UV and fluorescence sensing technology. This is customisable to end user requirements for providing economical, portable and label-free detection solutions with broad applications in research, clinical point-of-care diagnostics, industrial process monitoring, and water/environmental monitoring.

We have access to world-class facilities for fabrication, prototyping and manufacturing of polymer lab-on-chip devices, as well as research and development capabilities in sensors and microfluidics. Camtech’s multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists are experienced in integrating sensors with microfluidic platforms through which point-of-use detection, automation, high reaction efficiency and precision control can be achieved for solving a variety of problems.